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Develop ever-green content & boost organic search

How to grow engaged loyal audience to boost organic traffic and content revenue


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What customers achieve with IO Technologies solution


With the IO Technologies solution we improved old articles with bad recirculation and readability score


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Powerful insights to make better and faster decisions

Step 1 - Build a report

Find the best search performers

Quickly build reports with best performing articles in the last quarter and choose a preferred traffic group. Sampling is never applied to make sure you always get 100% accurate results of your SEO traffic.

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Step 2 - Find areas of improvement

Locate potential bounce rate and engagement issues

Identify articles with lowest recirculation among your best search performers

Step 2 - Find areas of improvement.png

Step 3 - Experiment

Update your content recommendations

Use readability funnels to choose the best place for your content recommendation blocks - right before most of your readers stop. Try changing the type of content you recommend or write a follow-up article to boost recirculation even further.

Step 3 - Experiment.png

Step 4 - Results

Collect your results

Follow the performance of these articles after the changes. Repeat the best practices with other content to increase session depth, reduce bounce rate and boost visit frequency.  

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1_Audience growth.png

Audience growth

Convert more visitors to loyal readers and subscribers

Addressing content engagement issues is key to higher session depth, visit frequency and paywall hit rate. Use readability funnels and recirculation data to find the best format that converts your visitors.

2_Boosting organic traffic.png

Boosting organic traffic

Сreate evergreen content that boosts organic traffic

Decrease bounce rate and increase dwell time by focusing on reader's behavior. Unlimited historical data allows you to fuel content recommendations on your site with the most engaging articles.

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Fast onboarding

Fastest workflow integration on the market

User interface built by editors makes onboarding quick and easy. With optimized UI and blazing fast support, learning to work with content engagement requires no analytics experience at all.


of businesses today say they want to grow engaged loyal audience to boost organic traffic and content revenue


Use a dedicated tool that gives you the power to improve every stage of a reader experience to boost traffic, engagement and content revenue

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