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Grow loyal audience and increase paywall rates

Gain insights about your audience and build trust, growing loyal readership and subscriptions


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Subscriber funnel
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Who is your audience and why they subscribe?

What are the habits of your existing customers?

Look at what's common between those that became subscribers in the past


How to apply this knowledge?

Use this to build an "Ideal Customer Portrait"


What should I do?

Nurturing your audience to fit the ICP is key to hitting your paywall goals

Frequent visitors
are more likely to subscribe
How to incite growth?

Work with your new audience

A loyal user consumes 8 times more content than a new "fly-by" user. Naturally, majority of the new audience visits one page and never comes back.

Failure to convert new users to loyal readers forces the publishers to constantly acquire new traffic. Budgets are spent to stay alive rather than investing in own growth.

Engaging new audience with high quality content is a proven way to create a readership core that generates 80% of your traffic, returns frequently on its own and has a high chance of purchasing premium services.

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How to build loyal audience?

Engagement is the key

As long as the visitors are engaged, they will recirculate further through the related stories, in-text hyperlinks and recommended content.

High recirculation is a combined effect of article quality and relevance of content you recommend.

Quality content with deeper reads and longer attention time is what makes users stay and read more. Those that read more, return more frequently and become loyal faster.

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Optimize performance of your editorial content to meet the needs of readers
How to get the most out of your content?

Find hidden gems

Hitting a record number of active users or reaching a new traffic milestone is not the only way to measure your success.

Hundreds of articles are published by the newsroom every day and just a few of them appear in the spotlight, driving success, while the majority fall beyond reader's attention and underperform.

Even when the current day traffic is high, there is always a potential hidden among the underperforming stories. Using these opportunities is a great way to drive your audience growth and increase newsroom efficiency.

3_How to get the most out of your conten
How to find hidden gems

Filter out the noise

Identify the amount of content published with no exposure to your readership.

Among those, find the “Unicorns” - Articles with high engagement and low traffic. These articles may and will grow your readership, given enough exposure through main page, newsletter, social media or search.

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subscription growth


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